Always The Best Internet

We make sure you always have the best internet deal in town. Never Talk To CenturyLink Again!

And you get access to our world-class support team. All for just $10/mo

A different kind of service

E.Central offers its Support Deluxe internet service as a $10/mo add-on to high-speed internet service from Century Link or Comcast. Why would you pay for Support Deluxe in addition to your internet service? First, we make sure you always have the best deal on your service. In fact, most of the time we can save you more than the $10/mo you pay for Support Deluxe service. And Support Deluxe also means you get access to our world class support team. That support doesn’t just cover your internet connection. Having trouble setting up your printer? Is your computer infected with malware? Give us a call and see what we can do!

So how does it work?

Whether you’re ready to get high-speed service for the first time, or you think you may be paying too much for the service you already have, the fist step is to give us a call. Once we understand your needs, we get to work either renegotiating your current internet deal, or getting new service set up. And if you’re getting new equipment, we help you get everything up and running. And once you’re set up with Support Deluxe, we renegotiate your internet deal every year to be sure you’re always getting the best deal possible.

“I just had the best conversation with Tech Support”

Have you ever been chatting with a friend and had the discussion lead to a customer service horror story? Maybe it was the power company, or the phone company, but the experience was the same: Long hold times, bad connections, hard to understand and unhelpful operators. E.Central has been offering the same high quality support since 1996. It’s support so good that most of our new customers come as referrals from our long-time happy customers. Give us a call and find out what really great customer service is.

Email Included

Your Support Deluxe account also comes with E.Central’s world class email. Up to 4 mailboxes are included, and all offer fantastic webmail, desktop and smartphone access. Not ready to give up your current email address? No problem. You can use your current email address as long as you like.

Sign Up Today

You’ll never know how much money you’ll save on your internet service until you call to find out. Give us a call today and make sure you’re getting the best deal for your internet service.

Call 303-830-0123 ext 2. or Toll Free 888-241-0123 ext. 2 for more information! Or email

Nitty Gritty

  • Rest easy knowing you’re getting the best deal in town on your internet service year after year.
  • Works with Century Link and Comcast
  • Comprehensive Support Deluxe service provided by E.Central’s
    excellent Denver support team.
  • Keep your existing email, or use E.Central ’s world-class email
    service. 4 addresses included.
  • Backup dialup account if your internet connection has problems.
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